At the end of the day, what we remember most are the unique experiences in our lives. When it comes to an incentive trip, a team-building exercise, a conference or a gathering of friends and family, such experiences can of course be created anywhere on land. What if you can create such a memorable experience at sea, where the vessel itself becomes part of the memory?

Event organisation is the speciality of Konstanze Baßin. For many years now, Konstanze has been advising not only firms, institutions and agencies but also private individuals and families on finding the perfect recipe for success for each event. Her recommendations, after detailed discussions with the clients, often have nothing in common with the standard offerings of so-called Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events (MICE) organisers. Instead, she might suggest a plunge into the Mediterranean after a conference, or a strategy planning session over sundowners on the Lido deck of one of the SEA CLOUD CRUISES ships.

Even unusual items on the agenda can be implemented – as here on the SEA CLOUD II.
From floral arrangements to the rest of the decor, everything on SEA CLOUD CRUISES is from a single source.

It might be an event to thank particular employees, inter departmental meetings to develop new company strategies, a team building exercise or simply a conference or a gathering of family and friends. All of these have, over the last few years, become key elements within the Event Management business. 

However, the myriad planners of such events in the marketplace often miss the point. As far as Konstanze is concerned, most planners stick to the basic formula: an event space, the necessary technical support, good catering and an after-event party or get together. Whether such event leaves a lasting impression on the participants is something she thinks is often doubtful.

Incentive trips, conferences and all kinds of corporate events, together with private charters have been a proven part of SEA CLOUD CRUISES’ core business for many years. The company offers around half of the voyages for all three vessels for booking as corporate or private charters. This has proven to be a very successful business model for the same reason that makes an individually booked voyage such a unique experience. Konstanze Baßin summarises thus; “travelling on a classic, traditionally sailed square rigged ‘Windjammer’ is simply a phenomenal experience”. For MICE customers and private charterers, this ultimate selling point offers options to plan an event like no other.

Welcome refreshment after the meeting – in the world’s biggest swimming pool.
Taking the Zodiac boats on a photo safari around the ship, or to an exclusive barbecue on land.

Of course, all three of the SEA CLOUD vessels have the basic features needed to ensure a successful event. Guests stay in luxurious cabins, the catering on board is five star and the ships are outfitted with the latest in conference and event technology, even in the outside Lido deck spaces. However, it is the very nature of the sailing experience itself which makes each event unique. During coffee breaks in a conference, participants may be able to watch sail manoeuvres, or they may get to see dolphins swimming and cavorting alongside the vessel. “With us, you don’t even need a trainer for a team building exercise” Konstanze grins. “The best lesson in teamwork is right before you, watching how well the crew works together, both on deck and in the service areas”. Konstanze knows from many years of experience that, even after a short time, a feeling of camaraderie develops on board and this often continues well after the trip has ended.

Whilst we always recommend that customers should plan their event in good time, due to a schedule change this summer, an opportunity has arisen to charter the SY SEA CLOUD in full between July 27th and August 3rd on the voyage from Istanbul/Turkey to Piraeus/Greece.

Team building is part of everyday life on board the SEA CLOUDs.
A White Nights celebration on board the SEA CLOUD II.
Modern event and conference technology on board the SEA CLOUDs.
This makes it possible to hold meetings outside on the Lido deck.

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