Tristan Brandt is an exceptional talent. He is currently on top form within the culinary scene and is writing his own international story as a chef. He is someone who understands how to further develop his talent and who continues to both surprise and inspire gourmets with new and unusual dishes, without neglecting the traditions of haute-cuisine. Although his calendar is extremely packed, he has found time to cook for the guests on board the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT and to take them on a special journey for the senses.

1985 was an excellent vintage for wine and champagne. It is also the year in which Tristan Brandt was born, in Mainz in Germany. Even in very young years, he proved he was a budding chef. His favourite toys were not toys or teddy bears, but cooking spoons and pots and pans. At the tender age of 12, Tristan prepared a 3 course meal for his mother’s birthday. She and her friends were delighted and this proved to be the first milestone on his journey to become Germany’s youngest two Michelin starred chef. 

Right from the start, Tristan learned from the best Michelin starred chefs in Germany and France and even on board the MS Europa. He completed his chef’s examination at the Hotel School in Heidelberg in just 3 months.

Perhaps his most momentous decision was to develop his own concept for the top restaurant OPUS V within the Mannheim fashion house of Richard Engelhorn. Within a few years, OPUS V, which excelled in contemporary and creative French cuisine, had attained two coveted Michelin stars. Brandt did not rest on his laurels. His daily work was shaped by his drive and enthusiasm to impart his knowledge to others. In 2016, he was the managing director of Engelhorn Gastro GmbH and was responsible for nine restaurants and over 130 employees. Under his auspices, the oldest restaurant in the Engelhorn group, the seafood restaurant LE CORANGE, was awarded a Michelin star.

Staying true to his motto “change is the only constant”, Tristan started on a new culinary adventure in July 2020. His next project was the “959 & Pino’s Bar” in Heidelberg, where he remains the managing director to this day. He is usually to be found in his favourite place: the kitchen where he supports the team, passes on his experience, and creates new dishes alongside the head chef. Since December of 2020, he has also served as a patron for the gourmet restaurant “epoca by Tristan Brandt”, which is part of the Swiss 5-star Superior Hotel Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort.

There, he is training up-and-coming talent Niklas Oberhofer, who achieved 16 Gault&Millau points within a very short time span. “Everyone is talking about how difficult it is for restaurants to find junior staff members. This is true, but the talent is still out there. What truly makes me feel fulfilled right now is that I can pass on my experience and expertise to young chefs, supporting and promoting them” says Tristan. Soon, he will be crossing the pond to Miami Beach, where he will develop another gourmet concept at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort – something else exciting to look forward to! 

But before he disappears, he will be coming on board the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT. In an interview with SeaMag, Tristan Brandt explains why this journey is so important to him – and what guests can expect.

What is the attraction that draws you to a journey like the one you will be taking on our SEA CLOUD SPIRIT? After all, you will be working in an unfamiliar kitchen, in a smaller space, and under different conditions than in a restaurant.
Thanks to three-star legendary chef Dieter Müller, I already have experience working on a ship in his award-winning floating kitchen. At the time, it truly was a challenge! Cooking on a ship is always a unique experience, especially when it is rocking back and forth and you do not have your feet on solid ground. However, I am looking forward to the adventure with the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT team. I love cooking with different teams and getting to know new and talented chefs! 

What influence will cuisine from the regions of Spain and France, through which the ship is travelling, have on your dishes on board?
A major influence! My cooking style is modern cuisine, based on French traditions, with Asian aromas. I also integrate regionally available products in my dishes. After all, it is always exciting to work with what the region offers. 

How important is it to you to have close contact with the guests on board, with whom you will literally be in the same boat for several days?
I am an absolute people-person and very excited to get to know new faces and hear their stories.  I hope that, by the end of the journey, everyone will have enjoyed being in the same boat, and eating in the same boat with me and the team! 

What should guests expect if they decide to join “Tristan Brandt@SEA CLOUD SPIRIT: A journey of indulgence on the high seas”?
I would call my cooking style modern cuisine, based on French traditions, with Asian influences. However, my true passion is giving guests a true experience that will surprise them, and which they will remember for a long time to come. That is why my menus always include just three basic ingredients: such as octopus – ponzu – wild garlic. Then the guest has a certain idea of what they will be served. When they see the plate, they are first surprised because they expected something different. They are then surprised a second time because the Asian aromas give everything such a unique taste. All of the guests who will be enjoying my menus can look forward to exactly this experience. 

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