Not only our guests but also many crew members enjoy returning to SEA CLOUD CRUISES again and again. This also applies to the captain who has just taken command of the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT. Since the beginning of October, Heiner Eilers has been in charge of the new three-masted full-rigged ship, which will cast off from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, on November 12 for its first Atlantic crossing, heading for the Caribbean. He should already be familiar to many guests of the Hamburg-based shipping company: in 2016, Eilers continued his maritime career as 2nd officer on the SEA CLOUD. One year later, he went on board the SEA CLOUD & SEA CLOUD II as 1st officer and thus as deputy captain.

Heiner Eilers is a veritable seaman at heart. The native of Leer (East Frisia) – raised in Aurich – was convinced already as a teenager that he would go to sea in his professional life. While still at school in 11th grade, he joined a six-month voyage with the traditional sailing vessel “Thor Heyerdahl”. After studying nautical science at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Elsfleth, he gained initial experience on various yachts and container ships. Later working as an officer on the Sea Clouds, Heiner Eilers earned his “Master’s certificate for deep-sea navigation.”

Since then, as one of various jobs he signed on for, Heiner Eilers commanded one of the fastest ships in the North Sea before now returning to his roots. Quite obviously, it is the philosophy of SEA CLOUD CRUISES that has influenced him: “Sailing from one place to another only with the power of the wind, together with the guests and the crew – that is what I’m particularly looking forward to as captain of the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT. According to the motto: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey!”

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